Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family vacation

Have you ever had this experience? You get a puppy. It eats your shoes, pees in the floor and does other sundry annoying "puppy things". Finally it stops. You've done your job well. Mostly it's just "grown out" of these behaviours, but you pat yourself on the back just the same. You have a loyal, bonafide member of your family. Your new life companion. A little time goes by and one day you look at your loyal friend. Of course you've looked at your loyal friend everyday for the entire time you've had him, but this time you notice something different. Your loyal friend, your life companion, has a graying muzzle. You would swear it wasn't there yesterday and your heart hurts just a little. The next day you notice even more gray! Where did this all come from? And now the chest! Your loyal friend seems to be aging overnight.
This exact thing happened to me recently. Only I don't have a dog. Our family went to the Keys for vacation in early May. My husband didn't shave. Out of no where came the graying muzzle. The next day there was even more! Since we were in the Keys, most of our time was spent in swimsuits so I saw him without a shirt more than usual. There it was all over his chest! My initial reaction was the same as with the dog, but it only lasted a split second. My second thought was, "It's okay, he doesn't have a life expectancy of only 15 yrs" In the third second I reached "Well, it's about dang time!" Here I am aging all over the place and this man has seemed to be doing some Benjamin Buttons routine on me for the past few years. Seriously, the man runs marathons.....LOTS of them!
So, my love, welcome to middle age.....I've been waiting on you.
Below, I'm posting some pictures from our trip.


Enie Dub said...

I love your pictures from the Keys.

We travel from Ireland to Key West for Christmas every year. We just adore KW!

Hữu Tú Trương said...

Thiet Ke Nha Dep