Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tales from the backseat

Okay, first and foremost, facebooking has had an effect (or is it affect, I always confuse those) on my blog. It is so much easier to just post a quick update than sit down and write an entire blog entry. To this end, I will rededicate myself (again) to more postings. Even if they are as short and sweet as a facebook post.
Today, my little students worked diligently and finished school before lunch. As a reward I decided to take them to the beach after (lunch).
This is a tale from the backseat on the way to the beach.
G states that I "must" take her to Disney to let her visit Pooh and Tink. F tells her that I only have to do what the bible says and that no where in the Bible does it say that I have to take my children to Disney. G (not missing a beat, always ready with a sassy answer) says "oh yes, it does, in Romans, Chapt 13, verse 22!She was "selling it" I had to admire her:)
W, from the third seat, happens to have his Bible that he did not take inside after church on Sunday decides to look up this passage.
Turns out Romans Chapt 13, vs 22 does not exsist. He asks her "Are you sure you didn't mean Chpt 14? There is no vs 22 in Chpt 13 of Romans."
G plays along and gives him subsequent chpts to research.
The next one he is assigned is somewhere in John. "The man went out and told others that Jesus had healed him" (I paraphrase)
This is where I chime in..."Yep, no Pooh in that passage either. G are you sure you read this in the bible?"
Of course this only serves to give my blessing to this new game of theirs and fuels the fire. W is given more passages to find and read...none of which say I HAVE to take my kids to Disney, BTW.
W is frantically thumbing through, giving G more ideas. He hits the book of Job(e). He askes her. "Is it in Job?"
F speaks up. "OH, You won't find ANYTHING enjoyable or very entertaining in Job(e)!"
Me:(thinking she's only bluffing) calls her on it."oh really Faith, and what does it say in Job?"
Faith: "That's where Satan destroys everything and everybody that Job has. His house, his family, .....and goes on and on. Keep in mind. Although I am familiar with these stories, I am sure that I have never discussed them with her. I actually find it a bit unsettling that God would play games with his poor, faithful servant in such a way. This knowledge has only been aquired by her own reading and attention to Sunday sermons.
As she's going on (and on and on) I find that my work here is done.


Heidi said...

Wow, way to go Faith! You have such a smart, spiritual little girl. Oh and good try to Grace.

Katherine Marks said...

You are such a wonderful mother and all the amazing qualities you possess (did I spell that right? that word gets me everytime)shine out through your children. They are so precious !

FYI...I guess I need to step up my game. We have "The Book of Mom" and I quote ..James says "Kendall there is nothing in The Book of Mom that says Mom has to buy you a new toy everytime we go to the store" :-)

honeyclarck said...

Thanks for the mention! We're happy to hear you enjoy our interactive story. :) We think it'll be a fun way to pass the time with Test Killer post.

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